100+ Kuwait Names for boys and Girls and their meaning

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Names are very important and for this reason, everything on earth has a name including things we cannot see. Whatever we name, we also give meaning to them. In every society, we have various names we give to people and in this article, we will take a look at some of the beautiful Kuwait names for boys and girls.

What are Kuwait Names?

Kuwait is a country in West Asia. It is situated on the northern edge of Eastern Arabia at the tip of the Persian Gulf, bordering Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. Kuwait also shares maritime borders with Iran. Kuwait has a coastal length of approximately 500 km.

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The majority of people in Kuwait are mostly Muslims. It is the official religion in the country and hence most names in Kuwait are Muslim names.

Kuwait Names For Boys and their meaning

    1. Aabdeen: Worshipper
    2. Aabel: Breath
    3. Aadeez: Beloved
    4. Aadel: Reasonable
    5. Aaden: Warmth of the home
    6. Aafaque: Horizon
    7. Aafii: Honesty
    8. Aafil: Honest or prince
    9. Aagaz: Start or beginning
    10. Aaghaa: Master or owner
    11. Aaghaaz: Awake
    12. Aahail: Thankful
    13. Aaheel: Prince or king
    14. Aaheer: Fearless
    15. Aahga: Leader
    16. Aari: Mountain
    17. Aariaz: Leader or ruler of the nation
    18. Baabar: Lion or King of Jungle
    19. Baadi: Unique
    20. Baadir: Shining
    21. Baahi: Glorious and magnificent
    22. Baakir: Early
    23. Baal: Young
    24. Baaligh: Major
    25. Baaqee: Remaining
    26. Baaqir: Everlasting
    27. Baare: Brilliant and superior
    28. Baariz: Visible
    29. Baasid: Great emperor
    30. Baasim: Smiling
    31. Cabir: Powerful leader
    32. Caden: Fighter
    33. Cadi: Luck
    34. Caeli: From heaven
    35. Cairo: One who is victorious
    36. Camran: Crooked nose; successful
    37. Carmin: Covered with hides
    38. Cassim: Lord forbid
    39. Cayman: Alligator
    40. Cemal: Perfection; Attractive
    41. Cham: Hot; hard worker
    42. Chinar: A beautiful tree
    43. Chirah: Articulate; Wise
    44. Cid: From a large Island;
    45. Gabba: The Capital of Queensland
    46. Gabbar: Strong
    47. Gabber: A proud man
    48. Gabir: Comforter
    49. Gadi: God is my fortune
    50. Gamal: Camel; handsome
    51. Gamil: Tiger man; handsome
    52. Gani: Gold
    53. Garrath: Gentle
    54. Gasheen: Good
    55. Gazali: Famous
    56. Gaziv: Leader
    57. Gervasius: Spear
    58. Haad: The leader
    59. Haadee: The guide; leader
    60. Haaiz: Getter
    61. Haalik: Purity
    62. Haamed: One who offers approval
    63. Haami: Protector; helper
    64. Habash: Guinea hen
    65. Habiri: Colorful clouds
    66. Habis: Companion; narrator of
    67. Hadith Iayan: Prince
    68. Ibaad: A worshipper
    69. Ibkar: Early morning
    70. Ibrar: Peaceful
    71. Iden: Wealthy
    72. Ifan: Season
    73. Ifran: Identity
    74. Ifraq: Love
    75. Ifraz: Height
    76. Jaah: Respect; rank
    77. Jaan: Life; soul
    78. Jaaved: Alive; king
    79. Jaazi: Sufficient
    80. Jabaar: King; mighty
    81. Jabber: Leader
    82. Jadwal: Spring
    83. Jaed: One who speaks good words
    84. Jaem: Holder of heel; Yahweh protects

Kuwait Names For Girls and their meaning

  1. Kaina: Leader woman
  2. Kainaat: Universal
  3. Kainaaz: Leader women
  4. Kaiyana: Open-faced beauty
  5. Kaju: Cute
  6. Kalah: Slim and fair
  7. Kausar: Reservoir in paradise
  8. Lamar: Water of gold
  9. Lana: The little palm
  10. Llama: A type of animal that resembles a deer
  11. Lucien: The girl who likes to sleep
  12. Maahira: Supremely talented
  13. Maahirah: Skillful
  14. Maahiya: Someone whom you love
  15. Maahjabin: Brow like the moon
  16. Na’ilah: Winner
  17. Naadhira: Blooming; flourishing
  18. Naafia: Beneficial
  19. Naaji: Saver
  20. Naaz: Pride
  21. Naazia: Queen; pride
  22. Naazma: Star
  23. Naazra: Glowing face
  24. Naba: Great news
  25. Nabeeha: Intelligent
  26. Nabi: Butterfly
  27. Nabila: Noble
  28. Oamra: The Moon
  29. Oisha: Shy
  30. Ojaala: Light
  31. Ola: Wealth
  32. Omaima: Little princess
  33. Omaira: Red
  34. Omam: Plural of Ummah, Nation
  35. Omira: Star of the sea
  36. Oraida: Eloquent
  37. Orit: Little light
  38. Orni: Beautiful
  39. Orush: Thrones
  40. Orwiya: Female mountain goat
  41. Ozara: Treasure


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