50+ Of The Best Of Sus Jokes To Tell Your Friends To Make Them Laugh

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Sus Jokes also known as suspicious jokes are one of the top jokes which can easily brighten your day. This type of joke plays on the idea of something or someone being questionable, often in a humorous and light-hearted context. In this article, I will outline the origin and some of the importance of this type of joke. Read on.


As explained from the beginning, sus jokes play on the idea of something or someone being questionable, often in a humorous and light-hearted context. These jokes originated from social platforms such as TikTok and X.

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The term “sus” is an urban-made slang, commonly used in communities to represent someone or something suspicious. However, until the viral success of the online multiplayer game Among Us in 2020, “sus” entered the mainstream vernacular. In Among Us, players must identify impostors within their group, frequently using the term “sus” to accuse others based on their behaviour. This was the famous origin of this joke.


Jokes are meant to entertain. Sus jokes are not an exception. Let us look at a few of such merits.

  1. “Sus” jokes help create a sense of community among social media users. By sharing and understanding these jokes, individuals can feel a part of a larger group with shared humour and cultural references.
  2. “Sus” jokes often prompt responses, reactions, and further sharing, significantly boosting engagement on social media platforms.
  3. One major criticism of sus jokes is that, it is very easy to understand and enjoy.
  4. In a world often filled with stress and negativity, “sus” jokes offer a brief escape, providing light-hearted entertainment that can lift spirits and provoke laughter.


  • Now let us look at some of the examples of sus jokes.
  • Why are priests called fathers? Because it’s too sus to call them daddy!
  • Ice cream truck drivers are the most sus people on earth, and they’re adults who play children’s music and give ice cream to kids who approach their van.
  • What’s a Christian’s favourite chord? G Sus.
  • Which animal is the most sus? Amongoose.
  • What do you call a Pegasus that is being sus? A megasus.
  • I am over 18. What’s a sus dude’s favourite pair of shoes? SKETCHers.
  • Retired atheists will now get extra money according to a weird new proposal dubbed sus-pension of disbelief.
  • What do you say when you suspect the ‘Son of God’ to be the impostor among us? Je-sus!
  • Which type of metal do you need to be careful of? Stainless Steel, because they are SUS.
  • They call me the environmentalist because I’m all about SUS-tainability.
  • What is the holiest chord to play? The G sus, although most priests prefer A minor.
  • What was the secret chord that David played to please the Lord? G sus. “Well I’ve heard David played a secret chord, and it pleased the Lord” Huh? It must have been G-sus.
  • What do dentists call their x-rays? Tooth pics!
  • Why did the melon jump into the lake? It wanted to be a water-melon.
  • Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9!
  • You can’t trust atoms. They make up everything!
  • Why won’t it hurt if you hit your friend with a 2-litre of soda? Because it’s a soft drink!
  • What has four wheels and flies? Garbage truck.
  • Dad, can you put my shoes on? No, I don’t think they’ll fit me.
  • Why do mushrooms get invited to all the best parties? He was a fun-gi!
  • I got fired from my job at the bank today. An old lady came in and asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over.


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