Afua Asantewaa Considering Another GWR Attempt For The Longest Singing Marathon

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She attempted and lost out, but if you give up after a failed attempt, you aren’t Afua Asantewaa’s friend, as she has revealed her intention to have another go at the GWR for the longest singing marathon.

Last year December remains one to remember, and it is all thanks to Afua Asantewaa, who attempted a Guinness World Record for the longest singing marathon, popularly known as ‘sing-a-thon.

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Her attempt generated a frenzy, as she got support from a lot of Ghanaians, who rooted for her to break the record held by Sunil Waghmare, an Indian who sang for 105 hours in 2012.

Quite unfortunately, Afua Asantewaa was not successful in her attempt, thus, Sunil Waghmare, still holds the GWR for the longest singing marathon.

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Afua Asantewaa completed her singing marathon at 126 hours and 52 minutes on December 29, 2023.

Though quite popular before her GWR attempt, Afua Asantewaa became a household name, kind of, and Ghanaians waited for a favourable result from the management of the GWR.

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The news came in on Afua Asantewaa’s attempt, on February 22, 2024, but it was not good news for Ghanaians and Afua, as she missed out on breaking the record.

The GWR wrote in a tweet; “Unfortunately, Afua’s Guinness World Record attempt for the longest singing marathon was not successful but we hope that she will make another attempt soon.”

In response to her failed attempt, Afua Asantewaa said at the time; “The outcome of the attempt following the announcement by GWR is not what I expected, nonetheless, I have accepted it and have requested GWR to provide more details.”

“I appreciate the commendations, feedback, and criticisms from a section of the public who felt disappointed with the outcome,” she added.

“I wish to express profound gratitude to the people of Ghana and various stakeholders for your immense support throughout my Sing-a-thon journey,” Afua Asantewaa continued.

There were, as usual, a lot of discussions, with many people having so much to say, with quite a number expressing disappointment at Afua’s failed attempt.

One good thing, perhaps, about failure, is that you learn from your mistakes, restrategize, and go for the kill. But this assertion is for those who refuse to quit when they fail at something.

Afua Asantewaa feels she has learned from the mistakes that culminated in her failed attempt; thus, she is considering another attempt at the GWR.

In revealing her intention to try again, Afua Asantewaa drew parallels with the Black Stars of Ghana, who keep trying to win the AFCON and the World Cup, despite perennial failure.

“I’ve been thinking about a lot and I believe that the record attempt I embarked on is similar to the Black Stars participating in a World Cup or a presidential candidate attempting for presidency,” Afua Asantewaa said in an interview on GhOne.

“So, if I have attempted the World Record and it wasn’t successful, it does not mean that I should give up,” she added.

“We are still considering and so moving forward I believe that a lot has been learned. We have only two weeks to attempt what we did last year December so we have enough months ahead that is if we would want to go again, to probably prepare and hit it once and for all,” she added.

Anyone who does not give up wins eventually, and there is hope that, when she finally actualizes her desire to try the GWR for the longest singing marathon again, she can finally own the record.

What remains to be seen, however, is whether such an attempt, again, by Afua Asantewaa would generate the kind of buzz it did when she first attempted in December last year.


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