Allow one of the kayayei to become a make-up artiste for your wife-Lady dares Dr. Bawumia

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Someone is daring the flag bearer of the NPP, Dr. Bawumia to allow a kayayoo to become the official makeup artiste for his wife and First Lady hopeful Samira Bawumia.

So as part of the Vice-President’s efforts to empower young women, he launched the Kayayei Skills Empowerment Programme to help these women learn some vocational skill that would empower them and give them some sort of self-sufficiency and after about a month, the first cohorts have finally graduated.

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Different skills were taught for the month-long program with some learning how to make soaps and detergents, beads and jewelry making, pedicure and manicure, baking and make-up artistry.


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To even make them feel special, a graduation ceremony was held for them and you could see them wearing graduation gowns and the best students picked up prizes.

So it was when the news broke that, some Ghanaians have questioned the quality of training these women got as some believe that a month is not enough to properly train these women and that it’s all a “wash up” attempt by the vice-president to secure the votes of these girls, who mostly migrate from the Northern parts of Ghana to settle in the capital to become potter girls in search of greener pastures.

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One lady on Social media has argued that 1 month is not enough to train someone to become a make-up artiste and has thus thrown a challenge to the Vice-president to give one of these girls who learned the make-up artistry to become the official make-up artiste for the First Lady hopeful, Samira Bawumia.

Her suggestion has gathered lots of reactions from Ghanaians since she made the post.

She wrote;

The way the kayayei makeup artists just use 3weeks to learn and graduate, in my humble opinion, and renting the brain in Bawumia’s head to make such this humble suggestion, they should make 1 of dem De makeup artist for Samira Bawumia

Her post has since garnered lots of reactions, with some siding with her and others hurling insu!ts at her and you can certainly tell why.

Hon Rasty commented:I associate myself verily on this request. That will boost their authenticity”

Nana Yaw wrote:Your jealousy on the second lady so glare. Keep bleeding”

Quasi:Lordina Mahama rather bcuz her make up artist isn’t good”





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