An Animal Spoke To Me In The Forest- Hunter Makes Scary Revelations

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A Ghanaian diligent hunter who doubles as an electrician, Bob has brought to the limelight some of the scary things they see anytime they go hunting.

Even though they are making a lot of money from hunting, Bob disclosed that they are faced with numerous challenges, especially, when they go hunting at night.

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“You see, there are certain works that you will do and will not get 1000 cedis by the end of the month. But when you go to the bush and God is so good you get an animal to kill, for instance, “Wansane” costs 2400 cedis, “)twee” costs 700 cedis. So if the hunter goes to the bush and gets only “wansane”, you can imagine the amount he is going to make”, he said.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Razak Ghana on Razak Ghana TV, Bob shared some shocking experiences as a hunter.

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Bob disclosed how some animals could speak to them in the bush, or better still, turn into human beings when they try to kill them.

He also recounted how he went to the bush for game but unfortunately, he could not kill the animal.

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According to him, he could see the animal standing just close to him, but anytime he tried shooting it, he could not do that.

Meanwhile, Bob said that most of the hunters resort to spiritual protection to help them get more animals and also, to protect them from anything that could attack them.

“Some people go and take juju, others too do not. Some take the juju so that anywhere they pass, they can see an animal and kill it. Some will go to the bush and bring dead animals every day. But someone like me, because I have not resorted to seeking spiritual help, I hardly get an animal to kill”, he said.



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