Dr Likee Reveals His First YouTube Paycheck Was $20,000, Thanks To Wode Maya

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A video has surfaced online of Ghanaian actor and skit maker, Dr Likee, real name Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi, also known as Akabenezer, detailing how he made his first YouTube earnings – a whopping $20,000 – thanks to YouTube star, Wode Maya.

YouTube has emerged as a major source of income for many talented content creators, but before his first YouTube paycheck of $20,000, Dr Likee revealed he had not known anything about any such thing as getting paid for creating content and posting them on the platform and get paid based on views.

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Narrating further, the popular skit maker revealed that it took Ghanaian YouTube star, Wode Maya, to “open his eyes” to the opportunities available to him with his talent on the video-sharing platform.

Dr Likee had been acting for quite a while but had not made anything as substantial as his first YouTube paycheck of $20,000.

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Today, thanks to YouTube, his finances have improved and he can afford anything he wants for himself.

Sometimes, we need that helping hand, and Dr Likee had that helping hand in Wode Maya, who knew what he could potentially earn from his talent.

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He mentioned that Wode Maya had advised him not to pay attention to any naysayers but to firmly focus on his new path of creating content differently from the conventional acting that he was doing, and advice he took seriously that eventually paid off.

Watch the video below to hear what Dr Likee had to say about his first earnings from YouTube after taking advice from Wode Maya:


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