Gambian man demands 22 billion cedis he spent on his wife after finding out she was having an affair

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A Gambian man based in Sweden is pissed and is asking hi ex-wife to return an amount of D10 million which is equivalent to about $146,000 and says he would use top lawyers to ensure he gets that.

The man known as Bai Malick Cheesy claims that’s how much he spent on his wife during the 6 years that he was married to her and so in a bid to get his money, sent an audio recording to local media in Gambia accusing his estranged wife of infidelity.

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In the audio,  he disclosed who he was and how his wife of 6 years started having an affair with a man she met for business.

“I am the CEO of BMC Transportation and BMC Apartments. My wife of six years began an affair with a man she met for business some months ago,” he said.

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According to him, during their marriage, he spent D10 million on her including a D1.2 million plot of land in Sanyang, a luxury vehicle worth over D700,000, and a Louis Vuitton bag valued at more than €218,000.

 Bai Malick also claimed to have financed her estranged wife’s business venues.

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“I intend to hire a lawyer to take her to court and recover all the money I spent on her,” he declared.

“The total amount exceeds D10 million, covering loans and bills I paid on her behalf. I will calculate everything.”

Bai Malick emphasised his determination to reclaim his funds.

“I will contact top lawyers. I cannot let her leave with all my money. I have all the evidence.”


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