Hon. Zanetor Rawlings Reveals No Guy Asked Her Out During High School

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The National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for the Klottey Korle constituency in the Greater Accra region, Hon. Zanetor Rawlings, has revealed that no guy ever asked her out during her High School days in Ghana.

One would wonder how such a cute, smart, and intelligent young lady at the time, would find it difficult to attract guys, but that was never the case, as Hon. Zanetor Rawlings linked her inability to have a guy ask her out to the strict protocols in her school at the time.

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The daughter of Jerry John Rawlings was a student at Wesley Gilrs’ High School, and given that the school is singled-sexed, that alone would have reduced her chances, as no guy would dare come to the school from outside just to toast her.

Had she attended a mixed school, one would have thought that she would have had several guys taking the risk (you know what I mean by risk, right?) to come up to her to ask for a date.

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Hon. Zanetor Rawlings made the revelation in an episode of the Starr Chat show with Bola Ray.

Asked by the host, Bola Ray, if she had any guys come up to her to ask her out, the Ghanaian lawmaker and medical doctor paused for a while and said; “No, but at Wesley Girls, visiting days were restricted; you couldn’t just turn up unannounced.”

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“Upon arrival, there was a procedure involving a table manned by senior students where visitors had to register their details and whom they intended to visit, after which the student would be summoned,” she continued.

According to Hon Zanetor Rawlings, the strict protocols in the school were not just peculiar to her, as every student had to play by them, adding that the opportunities for interaction were limited for everyone.

“So, it was a structured process. And it wasn’t exclusive to me, by the way. That was the standard protocol. Perhaps I was simply naive, but the opportunities for interaction were indeed limited,” Hon. Zanetor Rawlings said.

The lawmaker addressed a famous allegation against her late father, Jerry John Rawlings, where he was alleged to have ordered the shaving of her rumoured boyfriend’s hair with a broken bottle.

Zanetor Rawlings said it was all just lies, and that nothing of that sort was done by her father, saying the said guy was not even her friend.

She labelled the allegation as just politics.

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