I Blame Akufo Addo And Bawumia For Chef Smith’s Misconduct- Ola Micheal

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Ghanaian entertainment critic and media personality, Ola Micheal has blamed the president and the vice president, Akufo Addo, and Bawumia respectively for the misconduct of Ghanaian chef, Chef Smith.

Ola Micheal was speaking on United Television when he decided to add his cent to the ongoing issue that has gained so much public attention.

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The media personality noted that he does not blame Chef Smith a bit, claiming if there is anyone to be blamed, it should be the first two gentlemen in the country.

Admitting that the issue is a big and problematic one, Ola said Chef Smith had no other option than to use this dubious means to amass wealth since there is hardship in the country.

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He said “This is a very big issue. For a man to sit and plan such a grand deception scheme is worrying but you cannot blame him. I will blame Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia because if not for hardship, I’m not sure he would do this”.

According to Ola Micheal, “If there were jobs in this country for people like Chef Smith, would he have deceived all of us? Would he go and print a fake certificate? No, he’s looking for validation”.

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Meanwhile, the entertainment critic divulged that he is never saying that Chef Smith did the right time, disclosing that he detests fraud a lot.

“I am not glorifying what he did and this is my opinion. I know that because of the hardship in the system, several people have resorted to scamming now and it’s not the best,” he stated during the show.





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