I Don’t Want To Be Decent Because People Who Are Decent Are Broke And Hungry- Nana Agradaa

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Ghanaian fetish priest turned Evangelist, Nana Agradaa aka Evangelist Tupac has caused a stir on social media.

The self-acclaimed woman of God claims thinking of being decent will be the last thing she does on earth.

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It all started when Evangelist Tupac, as usual, went to Facebook live to engage with her fans and loved ones and for other reasons best known to her.

As she was on Facebook Live talking, one of her followers, a female took to the comment section of her live post to fire shots at her.

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The follower said that all the women who are from Kwahu, where Nana Agradaa comes from are very decent except the now woman of God.

Even though the follower did not buttress her assertion, it is obvious she based on the way Evangelist Tupac behaves on social media to say that.

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Replying to the lady, Nana Agradaa blocked the follower after which she fired shots at her, calling her all sorts of bad names.

According to Evangelist Tupac, she might not be decent, but, she is the richest woman from Kwahu.

“That is why except me. Because I am the only Kwahu woman who is rich. I am telling you the gospel truth. All those who are decent are broke and have nothing. Go away with your foolishness, I am blocking you now”, Nana Agradaa said.

The controversial woman of God went on to add that being successful or rich in life has nothing to do with being decent, saying that if she were decent, she would not have stooped too low to do certain works which fetched her money and brought her this far.





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