I Have Gotten All I Wanted So I Don’t Waste My Time On My Church Anymore- Rev Obofour

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Controversial Ghanaian man of God, Rev. Obofour has sparked another controversy online, making Ghanaians wonder what might have triggered him to make such a statement.

Another self-recorded disturbing video of the controversial man of God is flying across social media platforms.

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In the video, Rev. Obofour insisted that no Ghanaian man of God is genuine, claiming all of them are into the prophetic work for their gluttony.

“If things are working for you, keep quiet and eat. Things are very hard for you so if God has come to your aid, keep quiet and eat fast. Yesterday, someone was an Agricultural minister but today, he is nowhere found. Keep quiet and eat because you can be reshuffled at any time, so eat”, he said.

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“As I am telling you, no man of God in Ghana is genuine. Screen record here for me or else I will go. Screen record here fast for me for future reference. I am coming to say something bigger than what I have said earlier”, he added.

Rev. Obofour during his live available at the news desk of Ghbase.com.gh shockingly revealed that he has amassed a lot of wealth and acquired many properties so he no longer wastes his time on his church.

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According to him, it was difficult for him to travel abroad some years ago because of his church, but now that he has gained all that he wanted, he does not waste his time on the church anymore.

The man of God claims these days, he travels abroad a lot these days even though he has to be in church every Sunday.

“If we say God has blessed someone financially, I am one of them. If you ask my church members, I do not waste my time on my church anymore”, he said.






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