I Make More Than 20, 000 Cedis Every Week From Selling Bush Meat- Queen Mother Reveals

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A Ghanaian queen mother who doubles as a diligent farmer and trader has disclosed that selling bush meat is a lucrative business.

Madam Binney, as she is affectionately called in her locality, Mim Nkensere stated categorically during an interview with Razak Ghana on Razak Ghana TV that she makes a lot of money from selling bush meat.

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She disclosed that because she finds herself in the cottage, she does her best to reach out to hunters so that if possible, she buys the meats they bring from the bush.

She noted in the interview that she buys some of the meat at expensive prices, and she makes a lot of profit from selling it.

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According to her, she buys some of the meat at 2300 cedis and within a week, she could sell more than 10 of such.

The queen mother shockingly disclosed that she could make an amount worth 20, 000 ghana cedis from just selling bush meat.

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She divulged that, through the selling of bush meat, she has been able to take very good care of herself, her children, family and even extend financial support to outsiders who need her help or depend on alms for survival.

Meanwhile, let us watch the interview to know more about what she said;




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