I Pay Some Of My Workers More Than 3000 Cedis, I Pay Their Hospital Bills & Give Them Other Bonuses- Farmer

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A Ghanaian farmer identified as Grbby has revealed that it is not only white-collar jobs that pay in Ghana, neither is traveling to seek greener pastures the way out.

Gabby has proven that one can still be in Ghana and make it big time if they are not selective about the kind of work one wants to do.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview with Razak Ghana on Razak Ghana TV, Gabby, the manager of a big farm in the Ahafo Region, disclosed that the betterment of their workers is a wish they promise to keep.

Even though he refused to state precisely the amount workers at his farm receive, Gabby said they receive good amounts as salaries.

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According to him, several factors such as how long the person has worked with them, and how many times the person came to work among others, however, a new worker receives not less than 1500 cedis.

Gabby noted that apart from their workers’ salaries, they ensure that they pay the hospital bills of their workers, and give them other encouraging bonuses, to mention a few.

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Watch the interview below;





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