I Will Be Insulting My Family Members On Social Media This Friday- Shatta Wale Announces

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Dancehall enigma, Shatta Wale has announced that this Friday, 12 July, 2024 is slated for insulting his family members.

This comes after the mother of the dancehall artiste went to social media to disclose that things are not going well between her and her son, Shatta Wale.

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Speaking in a viral self-recorded video, Madam Elsie Evelyn Avemegah “Good evening Ghana, My name is Elsie Evelyn Avemegah, I am the biological mum of Shatta Wale. My son, since about ten or more years now, I haven’t spoken with him. He doesn’t know where I live, he doesn’t know what I eat. Now it has gotten to the extent that my health keeps dropping. I am seriously ill and not well at all. Sherita Mawusi is the one who takes me here and there”.

Reacting to a video by an unconfirmed niece of Shatta Wale, her mother said Please what she is saying, she is not lying at all. I am very ill and currently sleeping in my little sister’s room. I am not that old, but it’s my condition that has made me look this deteriorated.”

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In response, Shatta Wale expressed disappointment in her mother for selling him at a low cost to locust merchants, saying “I’m very disappointed in my mother for publicly making those accusations against me. She has tarnished my name to my uncles and the rest of the family. She is bringing our issues to the public for me to be criticized. We don’t handle family issues like this”.

Shatta Wale disclosed “I gave my mother 4 cars and rented a house at an estate for her. You do not know about these things yet you talk nonsense about me always. She doesn’t appreciate all the good things I did for her.”

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Meanwhile, the dancehall musician via a post sighted by Ghbase.com.gh has said that he would be firing some shots at some members of his family.

Shatta Wale stated in the post that he will be going live on both Facebook and TikTok on Friday at exactly 1 pm to rain insults on his family members.

According to him, he will be insulting family members from both his father’s and mother’s sides.

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