I Will Choose Teaching In Ghana Over American Passport- Ghanaian Teacher Reveals

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A Ghanaian teacher, known privately as Mr. Anum Solomon has said he will forever choose teaching in Ghana over owning an American passport.

The Elective Mathematics teacher made the shocking disclosure in an exclusive interview with Razak Ghana on Razak Ghana TV.

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Unlike many Ghanaians who have said they would choose an American passport over PHD in Ghana, Sir Solo, as he is popularly called by his students said he sees no sense in choosing an American passport over PHD in Ghana.

Sir Solo believes that unless there are some favorable conditions attached to owning an American passport, he will never choose it over owning a PHD in Ghana.

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Sir Solo noted that there is no sense in choosing an American passport over PHD when he knows very well that traveling abroad, he is only going to struggle there since he does not have any work he would go and do over there.

On the contrary, Sir Solo said owning a PHD in Ghana, one knows very well that they are employed, as a result, they know that every month they are going to get paid.

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“I will choose the PHD over an American passport”, the teacher stated categorically without a shadow of a doubt.

He explained “The reason is that if you give me a raw passport to go Abroad, let us say I have gone. Now, I do not know anyone. So going there, I will become a total stranger. So, if you give me a raw American passport without any condition attached to it, when I go there, within some months I will struggle a lot”.




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