I Will Not Endorse a Political Party, But I Will Perform at Their Rallies If They Ask Me–Camidoh

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Ghanaian artiste, Camidoh, has expressed his willingness to work with any political party purely for business purposes and not to toe the line of endorsing any political party.

It is not unusual to have artistes endorse political parties for elections in Ghana. Some go as far as composing songs for them.

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According to Camidoh, though, he won’t be available to endorse any political party, but being the musician that he is, whose business also involves stage performances, he will be available to perform at any political rally, campaign or any other gathering, but not to endorse any of them.

According to him, if any political party tables a performance offer on his table, he will be up for it, adding that he could be at a show for one political party today, and be at the other tomorrow if required.

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Speaking on The Afternoon Show on TV3, on Wednesday, June 19, Camidoh said; “I probably will not endorse a political party but I will work, make music, perform at all of these their rallies.”

“If I do NPP performance today and NDC brings the same correct bag for a performance, I will do it, I am a musician,” he added.

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Even though Camidoh has said he will not endorse any party, should he have any such offers to perform at any political functions, people will likely associate him with any party that he decides to work with for business purposes.

This has always been the case. Even if an artiste just performs at any political party’s rally to earn money, people will associate them with that party.

Camidoh says he is not perturbed by this, as he will work for any party that needs his services but will not endorse them.

According to him, he cannot convince anyone to vote for any political party, as that is solely their choice to make.

“I think over the years, people try to put fear in artistes like you are for this political party and all that, I don’t care about that. Who you want is who you want to vote for, I can’t tell you to go and vote for somebody,” Camidoh said.

Camidoh is currently out there promoting his new single titled ‘NFL (Breakfast)’ which narrates a heartbreak he went through.

Touching on the song and the story it carries, Camidoh said his heartbreak experience has probably made him work harder on himself, his music, and his family.

According to the singer, the experience has led to an even stronger bond with his mother at the moment, adding that he has received therapy and a lot of support from people who have helped him all through, as he dealt with the situation.

Watch Camidoh’s interview here.


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