Ibrahim Mahama Goes Fishing; Flaunts Big Catch

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Not every day a millionaire goes fishing, but they normally make the biggest catch when they do. This is the case for Ghanaian millionaire Ibrahim Mahama, who went out fishing.

The millionaire’s latest fun activity has generated quite some buzz, judging by the reactions on the social media platform where he posted the update.

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Although every day is a busy business day for businessmen like Ibrahim Mahama, the CEO of Engineers and Planners was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to spend some time on sea fishing.

It was a rewarding fishing expedition for the Ghanaian business tycoon, as he came out with a really good catch which he flaunted on his Instagram page.

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The many followers who came by the post of Ibrahim Mahama with pictures of his catch, enjoyed the sight, as he was captured in one frame proudly holding onto two fish he had caught with a bright smile on his face.

The other picture sees him on a wooden platform holding onto the bigger of the two fish he had caught.

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Ibrahim Mahama labelled his catch “Today’s blessing.”

The comments section was inundated with so many comments of praise and excitement.

It’s always been the case when an influential person does something as different as Ibrahim Mahama, a millionaire, going out fishing.

This would not have been news, but this is what life is all about; when you live an accomplished life, the activities on which some people’s livelihoods depend, would be fun activities for you.

Picture this: successful people walk as a form of exercise, while hustlers walk long distances to either go to work or sell a few things just to earn something.

It is not everything that Ibrahim Mahama does that finds its way on the Instagram page of the millionaire, even though he engages in a lot of fun activities.

For him to post pictures of himself with his catch after going out fishing shows how really fulfilling he found his fishing expedition.


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