I’m just giving you an opportunity to show me love-Asantewaa explains after Ghanaians roasted her for begging

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One of Ghana’s famous TikTok stars, Asantewaa, has rubbished suggestions made by people that she’s begging after she shared her Birthday  Wishlist with her fans on Social media in hope that, her fans would fulfil them for her.

Asantewaa had posted a flyer of that had a list of items that she wanted from the many who follow her and love her but after the post, several comments under that post painted her as a beggar and she seems not to agree with the many people who suggested that.

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In reaction to those who criticised her for begging, she has stated that she’s not begging but just giving people the opportunity for people to show her love because there are several people who have been asking her to give them such a chance so she thought it wise to share that so that people could appreciate her.

She went ahead to add that, although she can afford every item on her Wishlist, she doesn’t have to buy them herself and that a Wishlist is very normal in several parts of the world and she’s even shocked people find that embarrassing.

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“Me posting a wishlist does not mean I am begging or in need, it means I am giving people the opportunity to show me love. There are a lot of people dying to show me love. I can afford everything on my wishlist and that does not mean I should do everything by myself and stop people from showing me love”

Even after that explanation, some fans criticized her with someone writing:

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“If it’s not begging then why did you add your bank account numbers.  You “influencers” flaunt wealth on here everyday as if you don’t need anyone money. Anka for an influencer like you di3 your wish list should be a donation to children’s home, or prisons or street kids. Or wanting to change maybe an intelligent girl bi but she’s a kayayoo. Put her in school. You’re a midwife. You know how some mother’s come to give birth and can’t pay. You could pay for them. With that kind of wishlist people will even beg you to give them your account number. But here you’re thinking all about yourself alone then when you finish you’ll come and flaunt it us. This your wishlist is pure begging my sister. You should be ashamed of yourself.” 

Another person also wrote:

“Why will you post a wishlist when ur equals are doing giveaway on their birthday? Madam relax u nor reach ..
It’s just a polite way of begging just like u did in the states for African food”

Some of the items on Asantewaa’s wishlist include, AirPods Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 9, iPad Pro, bouquet, iPhone 15 pro max and yes money and for that we can say she needs lots of it because she literally repeated that more than three times and went ahead to add her MTN Mobile money number and bank details for the many who want to show her love.

So if you are fan, hey you are being given an exclusive chance to show the girl some love. Head to her page to show her how much you care about her.


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