Lilwin Shows Numerous Scars On His Body After Accident

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Kumawood actor cum movie producer, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin has proven that his near-fatal accident was not a planned thing and also, he was badly affected.

Following his accident, many were those who said that the accident was planned to promote the premiere of his movie, “A Country Called Ghana” since the accident happened the same day slayed for the movie premiere.

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His appearance at the movie premiere worsened the issue as many netizens fired some shots at the actor and musician for k!lling an innocent child just to promote his movie premiere.

Many did not understand why the actor would make an appearance at his movie premiere the same day he had an accident.

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Even though his appearance at Adom Kyei Duah’s church made many people finally conclude that the actor is very fit now, Lilwin has shared a sad picture that has made netizens think otherwise.

The video the actor posted has proven to netizens that the accident was not something that was planned to promote a movie, and also, he was badly affected as a result of the accident.

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The actor posted a video of himself on his official social media platforms with scars all around his body.

The video sighted by shows so many scars on the actor’s leg and his eyebrow.



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