Maame Tiwaa Replies Yaw Sarpong’s Wife As She Calls Ante Naa On A Live Interview

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Maame Tiwaa, backing vocalist of a veteran Ghanaian gospel musician, and Maame Pinamang, wife of the musician are currently firing shots at each other.

It all started when Maame Pinamang appeared as a special guest on Ante Naa’s popular show to expose both her husband and Maame Tiwaa.

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Speaking during the interview, Maame Pinamang divulged that she suspects that her husband and his vocalist are in a relationship that is more than a platonic relationship.

Narrating what happened that made her suspect her husband and his vocalist, Mrs. Sarpong said she decided to follow her husband to the prayer camp since the nose does not stand unconcerned when the eyes are crying, however, to her surprise, she was asked to stay home for reasons best known to them.

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She continued that after some time, she got to know that Maame Tiwaa, who happens to be her husband’s backing vocalist is the one who takes care of her husband at the prayer camp.

Maame Tiwaa did not wait for the interview to end, as she called Ante Naa whilst the presenter was interviewing Yaw Sarpong’s wife.

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Telling her side of the story, Maame Tiwaa said this is not the first time the musician has fallen sick.

The backing vocalist stated categorically that some years ago, Yaw Sarpong was seriously sick and that if care was not taken, he would have lost his life.

According to her, she was the one taking care of the musician during the time he was seriously sick even though his wife was there.

Maame Tiwaa said it got to a time that one of Yaw Sarpong’s brothers called his wife, Maame Pinamang to take care of her husband so that Maame Tiwaa could get time to do other things but she refused.

She disclosed that Yaw Sarpong is currently suffering from a stroke, and that, all the allegations leveled against her by her wife are untrue.





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