Man sentenced to 51 months in prison for taking off c%ndom without lady’s permission

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A man’s inability to control his s@xual urge during an intercourse with a lady has earned him 51 months in prison, a court in the UK has ruled.

The man known as Guy Mukendi from Brixton, South London was sentenced to 51 months in prison for taking off his condom during intercourse with a lady as he was charged with r@p£ .

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The incident happened last year, but the ruling was concluded on Thursday, June 13, 2024 at the Inner London Crown court.

According to reports, the woman had only agreed to sleep with him on the condition that a condom ill be used but according to the lady, he removed it along the journey without her consent and that was what pissed her off, and she decided to report him to authorities.

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The lady whose identity has not been disclosed, reported to the police on May 9, 2023 and Mukendi was found guilty by a Jury in a rare conviction on April 2, this year.

The Metropolitan Police said the victim was supported during the “extremely difficult time” as soon as she first reported the incident.

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In screenshots obtained by the police from the lady during investigations, Mukendi was apologising to the lady for taking off the condom, and was explaining why he had to do it, stating that, he had not done the thing in a long time and wanted to have a proper feeling.

Although he deleted the messages, the screenshots had already been taken by te lady and that was the major evidence that got the jury to find him guilty of the charge brought against him.


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