Mechanic Left To Raise 7-Month-Old Child, As Wife Flees Home; Sends Child To Work

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You may not quite see or hear a weirder story this week that is as intriguing as a mechanic being left alone to raise a 7-month-old child as his wife reportedly left home.

The situation forced the mechanic into going to his workplace with the child, as he also had to work to raise money to take care of the tender baby.

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Worser things go down the radar, as no one sees them to report, but this particular one has been reported, as a man, Cornelius Ellah, who said he had sent his car for repairs at the said mechanic man’s workshop, got intrigued as to why a child as tender as that was at a mechanic workshop not attended to by the mother.

According to Cornelius Ellah, the situation got him to ask questions, and that was when he got the shock of his life that the child’s mother had left home–5 months ago.

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Taking to his Facebook page to share the shock with his friends, Cornelius Ellahw wrote: “I took my car for servicing and saw what I consider as worthy of more urgent attention than my car.”

“When I got to the mechanic’s workshop located at Etta Agbor layout in Calabar, I noticed that one of the mechanics cuddled a very tender baby on his way to the workshop.”

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“As soon as I saw that unusual sight, I felt that the baby’s mom or someone else would join him to either take the baby back home or nurse her while he attends to work.”

“But that wasn’t the case.”

Narrating further, the Facebook user said he returned after some time to see the baby was still there, with the mother not around to take care of the child, as he had thought.

Naturally, anyone would be concerned about such a development. It was not different for Cornelius, who engaged the mechanic in a conversation.

Mechanic Left To Raise 7-Month-Old Child, As Wife Flees Home; Sends Child To Work
Mechanic at his workshop with 7-month-old child Photo: Cornelius Ellah, Facebook
“When I asked the mechanic about the whereabouts of his wife, he said “she don run go Akwa Ibom”, he wrote.
“He further told me that the baby’s name is Blessing and she is 7 months old.
According to him, Blessing’s mom left him 5 months ago and he has been her sole caretaker since then.”
“He said “na me alone de”, when I asked him about his relatives and relatives of his “wife”.
After listening to the mechanic’s story, Mr. Cornelius decided to take the matter up in order to seek any form of support that he could get for the mechanic.
Well, his efforts paid off, as in a separate post on his Facebook page, he said he had received a bit of support from people, which he presented to the mechanic.


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