Muslim Man Urges Akabenezer To Be Careful About His Islam-Related Comedy Skits

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Popular Ghanaian content creator, Akabenezer, has been admonished by a concerned Muslim to be mindful of his comedy skits about the Islamic religion.

According to the concerned Muslim, Akabenezer is not being stopped from making comedy skits on the religion entirely, but any aspect that ‘downgrades’ the religion is what he needs to put a stop to.

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From humble beginnings, Akabenezer has grown to be one of the most influential, funniest and well-followed content creators in Ghana, who makes comedy skits on a wide range of topics.

Given his influence, he is being urged to be mindful of his comedy skits when it comes to the Islamic religion, as members of the religion will not like to see anything that does not put the religion in a good light.

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In a video making the rounds on social media, which was uploaded by @eddie_wrt, on X, the concerned Muslim could be heard saying; “He should be careful. I am not inciting the youth against him, but I am telling him the truth.”

“It’s not about him being careful, but it’s the production he has to stop. You can do skits about Muslims, but when it comes to the religion, you have to be very careful,” he added.

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“Any skit that will downgrade Islam, we don’t want it. Any skit that will bring Islam up or upgrade it is fine,” he said.

Akabenezer, also known as Dr Likee, started his career as an actor in Ghana’s Kumawood, playing several roles, but most often cast as an armed robber in most of his Kumawood movies.

Along the line, he found a different path. He started making comedy skits that took over social media, and he has been known for that since.

Matters about religion are always sensitive topics, and if he hadn’t known this, the warning here should serve as his guiding like, as his is to make an impact on social life while creating laughter and excitement for people.

Watch one of Akabener’s Islamic-related comedy skits here.


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