My “Fakye Me” Song Has Nothing To Do With My Marriage- Kwabena Kwabena

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One of the great musicians in Ghana, Kwabena Kwabena has said that his hit song “Fakye Me” has nothing to do with him or his marriage.

In his “Fakye” song, Kwabena Kwabena implored all and sundry to help him render an unqualified apology to his lover.

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He stated that he had wronged his lover on countless occasions and admits he has wronged him, hence, the need to go to her together with some loved ones to kneel and apologize to her.

Many were those who concluded that the song was a personal song aimed at rendering an apology to a lucky partner of the musician.

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Even though the song faced several criticisms and received a lot of comments, Kwabena Kwabena chose not to reply to any of the comments or talk about the song.

Well, finally, the musician has disclosed what triggered him to weave together words to compose that song.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview on Okay FM which monitored, Kwabena Kwabena said the song had nothing to do with his personal life.

According to him, “Oh, that song is not for my ex-wife nor was it dedicated to her. That song was made for everyone to be used to ask God for forgiveness of sin. So, it should be used for that purpose only. Well, if you are not going to ask for forgiveness and you prefer listening to others pray, then it is between you and your God”.

He went on to add “The Bible says, ‘for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’, there is also a saying that even our eyes can lead us to sin, so it is very important and needed to be asking for forgiveness at all times.”




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