PHD Holders In Ghana Are Slaves- Kevin Taylor Fires

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Controversial media personality, Kevin Taylor has joined internet personality, Kofi Gabs to take Ghanaians to the cleaners.

In a recent episode of his show, Kevin Taylor said there is an iota of truth in what Kofi Gabs aka Mr. Happiness said.

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The media personality believes that owning Dutch passport is better than being a PHD holder in Ghana.

In buttressing his assertion, Kevin Taylor said that no PHD holder receives 5 dollars per hour, saying “Which PHD holder receives 5 dollars per hour. They are annoyed. They will be like Kevin Taylor is a fool, he hates formal education. Hey, I say, I want a PHD holder who receives 5 dollar per hour so that I can boldly say without any equivocation that Kofi Gabs is mad”.

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Kevin Taylor added that money is everything, hence, being a PHD holder does not make any sense.

According to him, one needs a lot of money to build, marry and do other important things making schooling senseless.

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“When there is a funeral, they talk about money and not books. Have you heard that someone has used their PHD to marry before? Have you seen that someone has used their PHD to build a house before? It is all about money and not owning a PHD”, he added.

Meanwhile, Kevin Taylor admitted that Kofi Gabs perhaps used the wrong approach to tell the truth, making the whole thing sound like an insult to PHD holders and Ghanaians at large.

Meanwhile, Kofi Gabs still insists that owning a Dutch passport is better than being a PHD holder.



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