S@d moments as young girl called Nana Ama lost her life days after making final cry on Facebook for help but was met with unkind words

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A girl who lost her life after her cry for help multiple times on Social media were ignored has sent chills down the spine of most Ghanaians on Social after learning how unkind some people were to her when she needed help.

The girl known as Nana Ama on Facebook has been reported dead, days after she made a post on Facebook asking for a place to sleep but got no help from anyone but was rather met with unkind replies from some people under the Facebook but the most insensitive one was from a Facebook user known as Huntor-tv GH.

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Although the lady’s post; “I’m looking for a place to sleep this night” was quite ambiguous,  Hunter’s comment on the post was insensitive and with many people on Social media now seeing his comment, have lashed him on social media.

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As you can see in the screenshot attached, he had commented; “Plenty places dey Awudome” and if you are anyone in Accra, you know that when the “Awudome” is mentioned, the only thing that crosses anyone’s mind is the cemetery as that’s what it’s most famous or known for.

Nana Ama mentioned when she replied him that, she was sick and scared to sleep alone, hence reason why she wanted someone to sleep by her side and preferably a woman.

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A scroll through her timeline shows how she’s been crying for help on Social media for months as it appears she was battling some form of sickness that was draining her physically and also financially.

It has been a long battle for her and was constantly praying and asking God for a miracle and for Him to intervene.

It almost seems, like that help she desperately needed never arrived and death was able to lay it’s cold icy hands on her.

Since it was announced that she’s lost the battle with death, there have been more than 900 comments on her last post, with many wishing they could do something about her situation.

Her story is sad but isn’t new—There are thousands of people dealingn with silent battles everyday and her death should be a reminder to us all to be considerate and sensitive when making any comment on Social media when someone is sending signals.—We may not be able to help, but we can be human, we can be kind with our words and not be in a haste to always make comments to somehow appear savage.

As a Christian, I can’t say whether God failed her, or He just chose to save her from this cruel world-All I know is that, only Him knows best and we wish that Nana Ama has found peace with her maker.


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