Kasoa: Taxi driver has gone to meet his ancestors in desperate attempt to please sidechick after spending soo much on her

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A taxi driver known as Akwasi Yeboah has lost his life over his zealous attempt to teach some girl serious lesson in the bedroom after spending on the lady for months.

According to the report by UTV News,  a taxi driver lost his life because he wanted to embark on a sexu@al marathon with his sidechick and in his attempt to prove to the lady that he has the capacity and also to ‘punish’ her, he took a mixture of stuff, which we suspect to be aphrodisiacs and some bitters and he certainly went to far and that ended his life.

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His close friends who narrated the incident to a UTV reporter, revealed that, Akwasi Yeboah has been spending on this lady for a long time but the lady never gave him the chance to enter her kingdom yet still he kept paying then just this past Sunday, the lady finally decided to give him a chance to at least taste one because she felt pity for him for all the cash he’s spent.

An excited Akwasi Yeboah joyfully shared the news with his buddies that, he’s finally earned the rights to enjoy the fruit of the lady and so he would also ensure the lady pays for it and that’s what pushed him to take all those mixes that has landed him at the hospital.

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The report further revealed that, on the D- day which was just this past Sunday which was also a father’s day, when he told his wife that he has some trip to do with a client, his wife asked him not to go but rather spend time with his family but he refused and although his wife tried to get him to stay at home, he didn’t listen and still left.

It was during the act that in the hotel, he suffered an attack and became stiff all of the sudden, and the lady who was all scared screamed for help and he was rushed to the hospital but couldn’t make it there.

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When his wife was called to come to the hospital and told what had happened, she refused and told them, she wouldn’t step foot there–Which we agree with her.

And that was how Akwasi Yeboah lost his life–Leaving behind a wife and kids all because of Tonga? We wonder what he would tell the angels at Heaven’s gate.

Listen to the story below:


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