“Why Should I?” King Promise ‘Promises’ Not to Abandon Friend Efia Odo

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Ghanaians – especially those who see a lot wrong with King Promise and Efia Odo’s association – may have to get used to seeing the two together much more.

The big question the singer is asking is why he should abandon his friend.

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There were a lot of commentaries on how vocal Efia Odo became, as she rooted for King Promise to win the TGMA Artiste of the Year, prior to the event.

The “Terminator” hitmaker, known in private life as Gregory Bortey Newman, eventually lost out to Stonebwoy on the Artist of the Year award.

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He did win an award on the night, but there was a ‘spectacle’ all along–Eifa Odo was all over King Promise at the event, sparking a lot of conversations.

Since their togetherness at the award got a lot of people talking, there are no surprises at all that King Promise has faced questions about his association with the actress.

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In an interview with YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon, King Promise reminded Ghanaians that life – the choice of friends, in particular – is all about choices, reiterating that his friendship with Efia Odo will go beyond just what people saw at the TGMAs.

According to King Promise, there is no abandoning Efia Odo, someone he has known for “eight years,” well before he became a star.

There seems to be some dislike for Efia Odo in some quarters, even among King Promise’s friends, something he finds it difficult to fathom, given that those who claim they do not like the actress have no valid reasons for not liking her.

For King Promise, though, Efia Odo’s uniqueness and character greatly appeal to him, and he isn’t going to abandon her just because some people do not like her.

“I don’t know. I have asked some of my friends why they don’t like her, but they can’t give me a reason. Maybe it’s because they don’t appreciate her character, but for me, I appreciate her uniqueness,” King Promise said.

According to the singer, his friendship with Efia Odo isn’t one that they got into just recently since he has known her for years, and Efia Odo has been supportive of him all along.

To this end, their friendship will continue, regardless of what anyone thinks, as he isn’t going to abandon her, something he claims does not “make sense.”

“I’ve known Efia for about eight years, long before I gained fame and she has always been supportive of everything I do. So why should I abandon my friend just because you don’t like her? Does that make sense? It certainly doesn’t make sense,” King Promise stated.

To the many people calling for King Promise to keep his distance from the actress, it’s time to draw curtains, maybe, on the matter of the singer’s friendship with Efia Odo.


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