Woman levels ‘serious’ allegations against top Ghanaian pastor

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When you speak the truth, you would be seen as an outcast, of treacherous behavior, and be chased out of nine villages because as you speak the truth, others see you to be putting them into fetters, an unidentified Ghanaian woman has regardless of this exposed Ghanaian man of God, Prophet Ogyaba.

Known to have been one of the genuine men of God in Ghana, an unidentified woman has brought to the limelight that Prophet Ogyaba has a skeleton in his cupboard.

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In a video flying across social media platforms, the woman who is yet to be identified confirmed that she was in a secret relationship with the Ghanaian man of God, even though he is a renowned man of God and preaches against such evil bedeviling acts.

The woman said that Prophet Ogyaba told her that she was madly in love with her, however, because he is a bigwig, he cannot afford to have a child with her.

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The woman claims Prophet Ogyaba told her that having a child with her would go a long way to mar his hard-earned reputation, hence, they resulted in doing abortions anytime there was a pregnancy.

She disclosed that it got to a time that anytime she got pregnant, she would not waste her time approaching Prophet Ogyaba but go straight and get the abortion done.

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However, she admitted that during the period she was in a serious relationship with the man of God, he did a lot of things for her, including buying her a house abroad.

Meanwhile, the woman did not state what caused their separation, making the duo keep an arm’s length from each other.

Ghbase.com promises to follow the story and update its avid readers should there be any new developments.



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