Woman takes life of her husband with pestle for having a side-chick

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A man has met his untimely death just because he had a side-chick as his wife who couldn’t take it after finding out decided to end him by doing so with a pestle.

The incident is reported to have happened in Ondo State, inside Nigeria and per the reports on InstaNaija, the woman known as Omolora Oluwakemi m*rdered her husband after she found out he had a side chick and waited to do so while he was asleep.

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The incident happened on Saturday night, June 1, 2024, in Akunbga, Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria and the insider who shared the news with the blog disclosed that, the woman used a pestle other than hit her husband on the head while he as deeply asleep after she discovered he had another woman in his life and although he was rushed to the hospital, he was pronounced d£ad on arrival.

She has since been arrested by the police and it was there that she realised that, she messed up big time and was wailing as she pleaded for mercy, asking who would be taking care of her three kids now that it’s obvious she will be going to jail for the crime for a very long time.

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The reports also went to add that, the late husband had even bought her a car and built a house for her in Ondo State but it’s obvious that wasn’t a good reason for her to have at least considered it.

Some users reacted to the story and here are some of the comments below:

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Ace: If fidelity is not one of your qualities, stay away from people who hate cheating. They fit kpai you.

Queen: Now the man will rest and side chick will rest, in few years, with money and good lawyer she will be out, marry another man and have more children. Men marry who can tolerate your polygamy and don’t force it on who doesn’t want it.

Chika: Side chicks have been there ever since the conception of time and would still remain till tomorrow. It is left for your partner to say NO to extramarital affairs. Know this and know peace

Favour: No man is worth soiling my hands. She’d be placed behind bars, while the other lady moves to the next available man. How about her kids? I can’t even imagine the pain they’ll go through.

Mili: He will rest in peace and you will rest in jail and life goes on.


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