You Are Mad And Anyone Who Listens To Your Foolish Talks Is Cursed- Opambour Fires Adom Kyei Duah

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Controversial Ghanaian man of God known for his curses, Prophet Ebenezer popularly known as Prophet 1 has fired some hot punches at his colleague, Adom Kyei Duah.

This comes after Adom Kyei Duah, whilst speaking before his congregants said that his picture would replace that of Jesus in some years to come.

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According to Prophet Adom Kyei Duah, God has told him that in the next 500 years to come, his image will replace that of Jesus Christ, meaning, he would be the one to be worshiped as Jesus Christ.

“Listen to me, for the next 500 years, the images of Jesus you see on calendars and in pictures around. I have been instructed to replace it with my face,” he said.

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Reacting to this, Opambour blasted Adom Kyei Duah as he called him all sorts of names and used unprintable words on him.

Prophet 1 in a viral video said that he does not believe such “stupid” words could come from a man of God.

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He labeled Adom Kyei Duah as a mentally unstable person, after which he rained insults on him for his utterances.

He angrily said that he did not want to hear such nonsense from Adom Kyei Duah or any other person, be it a man of God or an ordinary person.

“A person who urinates, brushes his teeth, and bathes to purify himself wants to equate his image with Jesus Christ? Cease that futile discourse. No sane individual would make such a claim and profess to be a servant of God. How can you declare that you are using your visage to represent God? Isn’t the person who made such a claim mad?” he said.

“I do not want to entertain this absurdity. Let no one deceive themselves; this is the work of God. You’re replacing your image with Jesus’ in 500 years? That’s talk of freemasonry,” the man of God added.



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