You Have Zero Talent, Ghanaians Don’t Like Your Boring Movies- Ogyam Fires Kwaku Manu

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Recounted Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu told Serwaa Telemo that she is not talented and any director or producer who knows a lot about movies will not cast her.

Well, Serwaa Telemo chose not to reply to that statement from Kwaku Manu, however, controversial media personality, Ogyam has chosen to fight for Serwaa Telemo.

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Reacting to Kwaku Manu’s statement, Ogyam has said that if someone should say that, it should not be Kwaku Manu.

The controversial media personality in a viral self-recorded video blasted Kwaku Manu for saying that.

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According to him, Kwaku Manu should stop being boastful because when it comes to acting, Kwaku Manu is not good.

Ogyam claims many people know that Kwaku Manu is not good at acting just like they have decided not to talk about it, claiming that many people do not like movies that feature Kwaku Manu.

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He noted that had it not been that their industry was not as competitive as it is today, Kwaku Manu would not have had the opportunity to penetrate with his zero talent.

Meanwhile, Ogyam recounted how Kwaku Manu got him arrested for wading into his marital issues.

According to the controversial media personality, after Kwaku Manu got him arrested, he made him sign a bond that he, Ogyam would not talk about Kwaku Manu’s marital issues again, nor should he even mention his name in social media.

In his words, Ogyam said “I came out to talk about you and Okailey’s issue, your wife Okailey. Kwaku Manu brought the police to get me arrested for talking about his marital issue. It was not easy. He brought the police when I was at work and said that I had talked about him and his wife. When we got to the police station, Kwaku Many told me that it was him and his wife’s issue so I should not talk about it again so the police should tell me to be careful and not talk about him again, or his marital issue”.



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