About Us

Ghbase started as an entertainment news website in 2014 and has since been the favorite for all entertainment news, celebrity gossips, events updates in the country over the years with experienced writers who are able to update the site with only the latest stories and ensure that, the site follows the ethics in news reporting, so as to present a fair and balanced reporting in every article written, devoid of bias.

The site originally had the domain Ghbase.com as its address and has been the case since 2014 but recently had to switch the domain to https://www.ghbase.com.gh in March 2024 after it suffered a huge blow from Google over Core updates that saw the site suffer.

Despite the challenges the site faced in 2024, it still has been able to maintain it’s momentum and continues to provide relevant news stories to the many readers who rely on us to know what’s happening in Ghana’s entertainment industry.

Although we pride ourselves as a source for entertainment news, we also publish around other topics like sports, politics, fashion, travel,  and other informational articles around education, DIY hacks, biographies on personalities, and any other relevant topics we deem would help our readers.

Here at Ghbase, we are not above criticism and happily welcome all forms of feedback from readers and would like to hear from you if you have anything to say to us. Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email to info@ghbase.com.gh or to our co-founder chris@ghbase.com.gh if you have any.